Trip Report, October 1st, 2022

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This is the fourth month on the journey. First, a note of thanks. I hit a major personal milestone this month. On September 15th, a generous supporter used the the site to buy me 3 coffees. This is a huge deal for me because it is the first dollar that has earned, and it is the first dollar I've ever earned as a creator for content I created. This has been greatly inspiring and I cannot thank this supporter enough for their generosity.

Progress this month was slowed in the first half by the beginning of school and other life events. As a result, my pace of writing and publishing slowed substantially and new posts dropped from 6 in August to 4 in September. Even though new posts slowed, I'm confident that the choice to focus on quality over quantity is the right one.

My side (side?) project to get better at publisizing pages continues to bear fruit. I posted articles to HackerNews this month, which generated greater numbers of views than posts to the Reddit subreddits I had posted to last month. As a result of these posts, September continued the 4 month run of increasing views month over month.

Finally, I continued to ensure that the site is visible to the Google search engine. Regular reviews of the Google Search console and notifications of new content allowed me to push the number of indexed pages from 4 to 13.  This focus is paying off with total impressions moving past 100. By the end of the month the site had achieved 14 straight days of at least one impression and the impressions trend is clearly moving up. Clickthroughs also improved both in frequency and volume. 24 September was the first day with 2 clicks in a day, a feat that was repeated on 28 September. These are admittedly small numbers, but they represent organic search traffic which in my view is more valuable than organic social traffic which is driven by the publisization work. I'll continue to focus on growing both organic social traffic and organic search traffic in the coming month.

Future Plans

My current focus continues to be on creating posts for the text adventure series. Secondarily, I'll continue working on developing my understanding of how to grow organic social and organic search traffic. I'm also thinking a lot about how to measure content quality to know if the content I'm producing is of sufficient quality to keep viewers coming back for more.


Ten Indexed Pages on Google - September 13
First $1 - September 15
First $10 - September 15
Fifteenth Post - September 26
Fourth monthly report - October 1

The Numbers

A thank you to all the supporters past, present, and future who make these numbers possible.

Month Revenue Expenses Total Posts Indexed Blogger Page Views (BPV) Analytics Page Views (APV)
July:$0.00$0.0050106718* (Partial month)
June:$0.00$12.0020626* (Includes personal)0* (Not installed)
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