Who am I?

Hi. My name is Rob. I often use the name riskpeep on the internet.

I'm transitioning from 0% to 100% passive income and writing about my journey.

Professionally, I'm a software engineer who has been doing it long enough to know that I'm most happy when I'm able to pursue value in life where I see it, not where my employer directs me. I've seen just about every part of the business of selling software from pure developer to engineering manager, chief technology officer and founder. I've worked for small businesses and fortune 500 companies. I've founded (with friends) and sold a startup while keeping all those same friends. I still work for a living, but I can see my way to not having to do so. My current focus on taking the step away from selling my time to offering the world value on my own terms and of my own vision and creation.

About this Website?

riskpeep.com is a blog where I post about my journey from full time employee to full time passive income. There are posts about blog writing, finance, programming, game development and other topics of interest that I'd like to share with others.

This site is built on blogger.com using a modified version of the Contempo theme. I use highlight.js to format code samples. Code samples, when included will often be be posted on my GitHub page.

There is an RSS feed of the site available, or you can follow by email here. You could also just bookmark the site or check back from time to time. I'll be here.

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