Trip Report, July 1st, 2022

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I set off on the journey this month. As with all travels, the first days were spent with the many preparations that will enable the trip. I acquired the domain name ',' which has long been a moniker and surprisingly remained unclaimed. Too much time has been spent selecting and tidying up the blog theme to make it useful. Like all construction projects it is taking longer than desired, but the work is showing promise. Some amount of work will continue in the coming days and weeks as we settle into the site. While all of this configuration was going on, I've been working on the first posts for the site. They are mostly complete, but I'm working out an authoring process that produces consistently good content which is hindering completion.

Future Plans 

Getting the first posts done and in the can is first priority. Second is to write up a series of posts on the RPS project that reflect the current game progress.


First Post - June 19
First Monthly Report - July 1

The Numbers

A thank you to all the supporters past, present, and future who make these numbers possible.

July:  $0.00
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