Trip Report, August 1st, 2022

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This is the second month on the journey. The big milestone of the month was completion and posting of the two post Rock, Paper, Scissors game series. Mid month, I also started working on learning how to promote posts and posting a not so successful announcement on While working on those posts, I put in place all the tools necessary to have a fully realized blog. The part of the month was spent configuring the blog to be able to highlight code snippets using highlights.js and finishing nailing down the authoring process. At the same time I switched to a new theme design in blogger to take advantage of their newer widget styles. Future work will bring back some of the special sauce in the prior theme. I also learned a lot about how to configure the look and feel of the blog. In the second half of the month I spent time creating an About page, all the legal writings, and the second Rock, Paper, Scissors Rust game post.

Future Plans

Promoting the second Rock, Paper, Scissors Rust game post is the first priority. After that, attention will turn back to the other side of the blog to create some more Journey post updates. Finally, after getting through those posts, we'll start work on the the next Rust post.


Found by - first crawl - July 23 
Fifth Post - July 28
First multi-post tutorial - July 28
Second monthly report - Aug 1
10,000 Words - Aug 1

The Numbers

A thank you to all the supporters past, present, and future who make these numbers possible.

July:           $0.00      
June:          $0.00
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